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The Latest Laser Eye Surgery Innovation Shaking Up The Health Industry - And Anyone Can Do It

To access the cornea, a flap must be made. In previous vision correction techniques, the flap was created using a hand-held bladed tool.

Latest Advances In SMILE by Dr. Sri Ganesh

Modern LASIK techniques utilize a femtosecond laser to create the flap, eliminating the risks associated with the use of a manual blade. Studies have shown that the femtosecond laser allows for more precise corneal flap thickness, improving the accuracy and predictability of this part of the surgery.

LASIK technology | Laser Eye Surgery Makes Rapid Advancements

This also offers a decreased risk of corneal abrasions during the procedure, and a decreased risk of induced astigmatism after LASIK. It also gives more options in terms of flap size, shape and orientation, yielding a more customized procedure as well as a faster healing time thanks to the smoother edges of the flap. The eye naturally makes small involuntary movements. Advanced eye tracking systems have an active infrared eye tracker that tracks the center of the pupil to detect and compensate for any involuntary eye movements.

The active eye tracker can move 10 times faster than the human eye as well as faster than the laser itself. Custom Wavefront Mapping — Wavefront mapping is a highly sophisticated technology that allows your surgeon to create a 3D image of your eye. Wavefront technology increases the accuracy of visual outcomes and reduces the likelihood of side effects such as glare and halos. Prior to treatment, the eye is analyzed and measured, and 22, data points are taken with the Vario corneal topographer.

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This information is then sent to the Wavelight excimer laser that performs the laser correction. If you are interested in achieving independence from glasses and contact lenses, Dr.

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New microscopy method could improve LASIK surgery

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